Prof. Denise Cruz, English, University of Toronto


Assignment Overview 2016-17 (consult the syllabus for further details):

In-class analysis (5%), 21 October

Paper 1 (10%, 1000-1250 words), 18 November

Paper 2 (15%, 1000-1250 words), 3 February

Paper 3 (20%, 1250-1500 words), 17 March

Other course requirements include tutorial work (5% first term, 10% second term, for a total of 15%) and a 3-hour final exam during the April exam period (35%)

Writing Resources:

Writing at the University of Toronto

PDF advice files on specific writing issues

Writing Centres at U of T

Writing Courses at U of T

How Not to Plagiarize

The University of Toronto, the English Department, and the teachers of ENG140 are committed to creating an accessible environment for all students. Your first line of contact with regards to any necessary accommodations is Accessibility Services, who will, if needed, provide you with a counsellor who can make requests to your instructors and TAs on your behalf.